2017 News

All the latest news from the Allied Masonic Degree District of Surrey. Click on the news item's title to see the full story.

01.11.17 The District Grand Prefect's Letter of Thanks
18.10.17 Installation Meeting of the District Grand Council of Surrey
10.10.17 Southern Cross Council – District Grand Prefect’s Last Meeting
17.07.17 The Annual Hog Roast at Guildford Masonic Centre on Sunday 9th July 2017
14.07.17 New District Grand Prefect Announced
17.05.17 Ray Hussey's Farewell Dinner and Dance
17.05.17 Farnham Council No. 235 Official Visit by the District Grand Prefect
17.05.17 Kyngstun Council No. 102 Official Visit by the District Grand Prefect
21.04.17 Surrey Hill Council No. 208 welcomes the District Grand Prefect and a new Candidate
10.04.17 Official Visit by the District Grand Prefect to Pride of Surrey Council No. 128
23.02.17 A Great "Knight" at Surrey Council
27.01.17 Notice of the Annual Hog Roast 2017
25.01.17 Official Visit by the District Grand Prefect to Godalming Council

2016 News

13.12.16 Official Visits by the District Grand Prefect for 2017
08.12.16 Recruitment and Retention
07.12.16 Annual District Meeting - 3rd December 2016
16.11.16 Annual Meeting of District Grand Council of Surrey: Saturday, 3rd December 2016 at 11.00 am
09.11.16 Surrey Hills Council - Installation
04.10.16 Southern Cross Council – Knights of Constantinople Degree
12.09.16 Two New Members for Riverside Council No 212
09.09.16 Kyngstun Council – Grand Tilers of Solomon Degree
15.08.16 Grand Rank Appointments 2016
12.08.16 Pride of Surrey Council Installation Meeting - 3rd June 2016
12.08.16 Farnham Council Installation Meeting - 16 May 2016
12.08.16 Kyngstun Council No 102 - Tuesday, 10 May 2016
21.07.16 Godalming Council – Grand High Priest Degree
13.07.16 A lovely afternoon at the Allied Hog Roast
03.06.16 A Busy Morning for Southern Cross Council
03.03.16 A busy meeting at Surrey Council
25.02.16 Another Joyous Occasion for Riverside Council No.212
18.02.16 Donation to the Surrey Craft 2019 Festival in aid of the R.M.B.I. acknowledged by the Provincial Grand Master R.W. Bro. Eric Stuart-Bamford
16.02.16 Allied Hog Roast - Sunday, 10th July 2016
13.01.16 The January Meeting of Godalming Council No. 185
12.01.16 Schedule of Official Visits by District Grand Prefect 2016
Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees of England and Wales and Districts and Councils Overseas, District of Surrey