Contacting The Order

To contact an Officer of the District click on their email address.

R W Bro Raymond S H Hussey, DG Prefect dgp@alliedmasonicdegrees.co.uk
W Bro Frank Powell, Deputy DG Prefect ddgp@alliedmasonicdegrees.co.uk
W Bro Gerry Yockney, DG Treasurer dgt@alliedmasonicdegrees.co.uk
W Bro Alan Brockwell, DG Secretary dgs@alliedmasonicdegrees.co.uk
W Bro John Coleman, Assistant DG Secretary adgs@alliedmasonicdegrees.co.uk
W Bro Bob Tuthill, Web Master wm@alliedmasonicdegrees.co.uk

Useful Links

To visit one of the sites listed in the links section, click on the link.

Craft Masons of Surrey Mark Master Masons of Surrey
Knights Templar and Knights of Malta, Surrey Red Cross of Constantine, Surrey
Royal & Select Masters, Surrey Order of the Secret Monitor, Surrey
The Scarlet Cord, Surrey  
Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees of England and Wales and Districts and Councils Overseas, District of Surrey