District Grand Council
Of Surrey
Regalia of the Order
Breast Jewels
The regalia of the Order consists of breast jewels, which may be worn in the form of five miniatures, or the special composite jewel, details of which are listed herewith.

St. Lawrence the Martyr
A gridiron in silver, suspended by a ribbon orange in the centre, bordered on each side with royal blue. A Past Master's gridiron, however, is enclosed within a circle.

Knight of Constantinople
A Maltese Cross surmounted by a crescent both in gold, suspended by a green ribbon on which are three poignards in gold pointing downward (Plymouth Councils have a jewel of special design).

Grand Tilers of Solomon
A triangle in black enamel edged with gold, inscribed on the obverse with the number 27 in Hebrew characters, and on the reverse with the Ineffable Name in the Cabalistic Order, suspended by a ribbon, fiery red in the centre, bordered on each side with pale grey and surmounted by three crowns in gilt. On the ribbon is a hand grasping a poignard pointing downward, in gilt.

Red Cross of Babylon
A gold seven-pointed star with gold crossed swords on a green enamel circle in the centre, suspended by a green ribbon.

Grand High Priest
A mitre on a triangle, both in gold suspended by a red ribbon. Jewel of the Order: Alternatively, a 'composite jewel' of the Order may be worn. It is gold in colour, pentagonal in shape and incorporates symbols of the five degrees within its segments, being suspended from a plain thistle-green ribbon from a golden bar.

Officers of Councils
Wear a collar in the colours of the degree of St. Lawrence the Martyr, being of orange silk four inches wide with a one-inch border of royal blue on each side. From this collar is suspended the silver emblem of office (as in the Craft) superimposed on a gridiron within a circle, bearing the name of the Council.

Past Masters
Wear the pentagonal (composite) jewel suspended from a plain thistle green collarette, one inch in width.

District Grand Officers
Wear a collar of thistle green ribbon, four inches wide, having a silver button and braid at the point of the collar, from which is suspended a silver jewel bearing the emblem of office, while active District Officers also wear a one-and-a-quarter-inch similar coloured collarette bearing the jewel of office.

Grand Officers

Holders of this rank wear a thistle-green collar four inches wide which is edged with gold lace and bears an attractive embroidered design of oak leaves and acorns, while a representation of the seal of the Order is suspended from the point of the collar. The Undress collar is plain thistle-green, four inches in width, with a gold button and braid at the point of the collar. The Grand Master, his deputy and District Grand Prefects wear chains of special design.

Plymouth Councils
These Councils being granted 'Time Immemorial' status in 1910, members of Councils No's 33, 34 and 35 \Near regalia of special design. This consists of a composite apron of thistle-green complete with triangular flap and bordered with ribbon woven in the colours of the degrees of St. Lawrence the Martyr, Grand Tilers of Solomon and Secret Monitor. The flap bears a silver gridiron (St. Lawrence the Martyr), while in the centre of the apron is a St. Andrew's Cross (Red Cross of Babylon) superimposed on a Passion Cross (Knights of Constantinople) both embroidered in red silk and charged with a Jewish mitre in gold (Grand High Priest). Past Masters of the Councils have the addition of two silver plates featuring a square upon a gridiron surrounded by a circle, which are fixed in the normal position of the two lower taus on a Craft Past Master's apron.