District Grand Council
Of Surrey
A busy afternoon at Surbiton

In February 2020 Chertsey Abbey Council of Royal & Select Masters and Runneymede Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees met on the same afternoon at Surbiton.

The afternoon started off with a meeting of the Chertsey Abbey Council of Royal & Select Masters No. 254. After the Council was opened by the Thrice Illustrious Master, Ill.Comp. Gareth Lewis, the Acting Director of Ceremonies, Ill.Peter Kipps, Deputy District Grand Master, was admitted and advised the Thrice Illustrious Master that the Right Illustrious District Grand Master was in the ante room and demanded admission to the Council. The District Grand Master entered in procession with the Provincial team, led by the Acting Sword Bearer, Ill.Comp. Chris Eley.

The District Grand Master was welcomed by the Thrice Illustrious Master to the Chertsey Abbey Council and, on behalf of the companions, wished him a most enjoyable visit. The District Grand Master introduced his team thanking them for their support. After updating the Companions on the various District activities the District Grand Master had pleasure in presenting Ill.Comp. Derek Williamson with his Grand Council Certificate, as well as his Thrice Illustrious Master Grand Council Certificate.
A busy afternoon at Surbiton R.Ill.Comp. Christopher G. Lewis, Dist.G.M.(Middx.), then presented R.Ill.Comp. David Blackburn with a splendid Sword Stand as a gift from the Cryptic Masons of Middlesex. This was received with thanks by our District Grand Master.
A busy afternoon at Surbiton The District Grand Master then had much pleasure in presenting R.Ill.Comp. Christopher Lewis with a Certificate to celebrate his 25 years as a Cryptic Mason. R.Ill.Comp. Chris thanked R.Ill.Comp. David for his kind gesture, which came as a total surprise.
A busy afternoon at Surbiton The next item on the agenda was to Receive and Acknowledge as a Super Excellent Master Companion Bernie Greenwood. The Thrice Illustrious Master adjourned a Council of Select Masters and invited V.Ill.Comp. Michael Flint, PGLect, to assume the Chair and act as M.E. Gedaliah for the Super Excellent Master Degree. A Council of Super Excellent Masters was opened and the M.E.Ged. assisted by his Officers then received and acknowledged as a Super Excellent Master Comp. Bernie Greenwood in a splendid manner. A Council of Select Masters was then resumed and Ill.Comp. Michael Flint invited the T.I.M. to resume his seat in the Council.
A busy afternoon at Surbiton The District Grand Master congratulated all the Companions who had taken part in the Ceremony this afternoon. The standard of work was excellent and the evident enjoyment by all had made it a very special meeting together.

The District Grand Master and Provincial Officers of the Year retired in procession under the direction of the Acting Director of Ceremonies. We all returned for the customary group photograph before changing the Temple for the next meeting.
A busy afternoon at Surbiton After changing into our Allied Masonic Degrees regalia we re-entered the Temple for the meeting of Runneymede AMD Council No. 191. Present was our District Grand Prefect, RW.Bro. John French and our Deputy District Grand Prefect, W.Bro. Bob Tuthill.
A busy afternoon at Surbiton A Degree of St. Lawrence the Martyr was opened by the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Gareth Lewis, who welcomed our District Grand Prefect and Deputy District Grand Prefect. RW.Bro. John French was saluted with 7 under the direction of the Director of Ceremonies, W.Bro. Trevor Currans, P.G.Lect. RW.Bro. John responded accordingly.

RW.Bro. John said how good it was to see VW.Bro. Eric Trodd with us today and on behalf of everyone present offered our condolences for the loss of his dear wife Rhona.
A busy afternoon at Surbiton After the Council was closed the Companions of Chertsey Abbey Council and the Brethren of Runneymede Council and their guests sat down to a most enjoyable festive board at the Surbiton Masonic Hall.

Article and photographs by Chris Eley

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