District Grand Council
Of Surrey
Flying the Flag at Croham Hurst Mark Lodge

In March 2020 the first meeting of Croham Hurst Mark Lodge No. 1050 took place at the Croham Hurst Golf Club in South Croydon. Present was our District Grand Prefect, W.Bro. John French, PGJD, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, who was making an Executive Visit. Also present was W.Bro. Chris Eley, PGSD, Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master, the District Grand Photographer, who acted as John’s Escorting Officer.

A ballot for Advancement was conducted in respect of Bro. Edward Earnest Knight, a Past Master of Dormer Lodge No 2222, and Bro. Denis John Jackson, a Past Master of Croham Hurst Craft Lodge No 3968. This proved in their favour and the Worshipful Master invited W.Bro. Chris Eley to occupy the Chair of Junior Warden and W.Bro. Tony Callister to act as Junior Deacon for the Ceremony of Advancement. Bros. Ted Knight and Denis Jackson were admitted and advanced to the Honourable Degree of Mark Master Mason by W.Bro. Phil Young in an excellent manner. The Worshipful Master thanked all those who assisted with the Ceremony. W.Bro. John French congratulated the Brethren on their advancement and wished them many happy years in Mark Masonry.
Flying the Flag at Croham Hurst Mark Lodge Next on the agenda was the Proclamation of W.Bro. Phil Young as Worshipful Master for the ensuing year. This was done by W.Bro. Roger Chapman, the Lodge Treasurer. Afterwards the Assistant Provincial Grand Master congratulated W.Bro. Phil on going into the Chair once again and wished him and the Lodge a successful and enjoyable year.

After the Lodge was closed the Brethren of Croham Hurst Lodge and their guests then sat down to a most enjoyable festive board at the Croham Hurst Golf Club.
Flying the Flag at Croham Hurst Mark Lodge As is the usual custom, the members of the Allied Masonic Degrees wore their AMD napkins at the Festive Board. Can anyone guess who is under that napkin? The clue is that it was the only way we could stop him talking.

Article and photographs by Chris Eley, , District Grand Photographer

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