District Grand Council
Of Surrey
A Very Special Meeting of Southern Cross Council

The first AMD Council meeting in Surrey since the change in Government and MMH guidelines took place at the Southern Cross Council No X111 at Guildford on the 16th September 2020. What also made it special was that we had a Candidate for the Degree of St Lawrence the Martyr, W.Bro. John Massey, the Chair of the 2022 Surrey Mark Festival Committee.

The Council was opened by the Acting Worshipful Master, VW.Bro. Michael Barnes, who welcomed the Officers and thanked them for attending the meeting. A ballot was taken for three joining members, as well as the Candidate, John Massey. This proved in their favour and John was Introduced, Received and Admitted as a Brother of St Lawrence in an excellent manner by the Worshipful Master and his small band of Officers. W.Bro. Bob Hancock acted as Senior Deacon and gave the Lecture on the Degree.
A Very Special Meeting of Southern Cross Council
After the ceremony VW.Bro. Michael Barnes, in a socially distanced manner, congratulated Bro. John on becoming a member of Southern Cross Council and, on behalf of the District Grand Prefect, welcomed him into the District of Surrey.
A Very Special Meeting of Southern Cross Council
After the Accounts were presented and adopted W.Bro. Richard Baker was proclaimed as Worshipful Master for a second year. The current Officers will remain in Office for second term.

Sadly due to numbers the Council was unable to be honoured by the presence of our District Grand Prefect, RW.Bro. John French. However he sent everyone his best wishes and arranged for a bottle of fine red wine to be waiting for us at the bar to thank everyone for their efforts today. RW.Bro. John may not have been with us in person, but he was with us in spirit.
A Very Special Meeting of Southern Cross Council
After the meeting everyone said how good it was to get together again, which proved that even under the current restrictions a meaningful ceremony can still be conducted. Click here to read a letter from our District Grand Prefect.

And finally, thanks to the team at Guildford for not only such a warm welcome back but for all the hard work in ensuring we stayed safe while at the South West Surrey Masonic Centre.

Article and photos by Chris Eley, District Grand Photographer

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