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Support the Surrey Mark Easter Balloon Race
Easter Balloon Race Join the family fun in our exciting charity fundraising event to enjoy at home.
Launching from Istanbul, Turkey on Easter Sunday, 4th April 2021, this eco friendly computer game uses real time weather updates to affect the course of your balloon.

Balloons are just £3 each and can be personalised and decorated by changing shape, colours and patterns. They can be customised to aid winning. Follow your balloon’s progress on Google maps 24/7 over the 7 days of the race.

They make an ideal gift to send to those family and friends you may be missing at this difficult time, especially children and grandchildren who will be thrilled taking part.

Great exclusive prizes for Surrey Mark 2022 Festival supporters for furthest distance travelled at the end:
  • Luxury 30cm Easter cake by our master baker Jerry Gangadeen
  • £30 Amazon gift voucher
  • £20 Amazon gift voucher
  • 5 x £10 book tokens

Plus a chance to also win the national prizes which comprise:
  • £500 cash
  • Apple iPad
  • 10 x £10 book tokens
Get Started
  1. Click here to go to the race website.
  2. Choose to buy a virtual balloon - you will need to register first time to pay.
  3. Your purchase or activation code will be confirmed by email.
  4. You are now ready to name, decorate and customise your balloon and follow its progress.
Tip – Choosing the right materials and configuration will make a difference to the flight and remember balloons can burst! It’s as real as you can get.

Get involved NOW and help raise funds to enable the Mark Benevolent Fund (Reg 207610) to continue its charitable support for so many worthy causes.

Click here to download the flyer

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