District Grand Council
Of Surrey
Dad steps up…

The meeting of the Runnymede Council on Wednesday 11th May was well represented with Seventeen present.

On arrival, members were informed that W.Bro. Gareth Lewis,  WM of Runnymede, had tested positive for Covid that morning, so would be absent.

W.Bro. Chris. Lewis (Dad) stepped up and assumed the Chair – because Martin Dunham the IPM was in office as JW – as well as later fulfilling his role as TIM of Chertsey Abbey Council.
Dad steps up…
Beside very ably leading each meeting throughout, Gareth’s absence also meant that W.Bro. Chris led the ceremony of Admission to the Degree of St. Lawrence the Martyr of Bro. Graham Ellis, performing the task in an excellent manner.

The Deputy District Grand Prefect W.Bro Bob Tuthill was present and welcomed Graham into the order, presenting him with a booklet on the history of the degrees, the allied napkin and pen and a trip-fold leaflet and joining form, to encourage him to find another candidate for Runnymede Council.
Dad steps up…
It is encouraging the W.Bro Mike Ellis , not only introducing his brother Graham into the order has yet another candidate in the pipeline and W.Bro Chris Lewis also has a candidate…well done Runnymede.

Honorary membership of the Council was given to Trevor Currans, to recognise the great service he has given to the Council as a founder and as DC since its consecration;  and acknowledging his relocation to Scotland in the near future.

Article by Eric Trodd

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