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Resumption of Masonic meetings - for more details click here
A message from the District Grand Prefect
John FrenchWelcome to the home page of the District Grand Council of Surrey, which is part of the Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees of England and Wales and Districts and Councils Overseas. The Order is governed by the Grand Council, headed by the Grand Master Thomas Firth Jackson, and administered from Mark Masons' Hall in London.

Meetings of this Order are intended to be happy and enjoyable occasions for persons who are genuinely interested in extending their knowledge of, and interest in, freemasonry in a wider context. Membership is open to any Freemason who is a member in good standing of a Lodge of Freemasons governed by the United Grand Lodge of England, and who is also a member of the Mark Master Masons and a Companion of the Holy Royal Arch.

Should you wish to pursue your interest in the Order, please look through our website to find out even more info on this wonderful and happy degree in freemasonry. For further assistance and more information please contact the District Grand Secretary, Alan Brockwell, either by telephone on 07868 657276 or email brocker@virginmedia.com.

If you are an Allied member visiting the site and there is something you would like added to our web site which you feel may be of interest to both yourself or other Surrey members please send to the District Grand Secretary, email brocker@virginmedia.com

With my kindest regards and best wishes,

R.W. Brother John Vaughan Christopher French
District Grand Prefect

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Latest Meetings

Please note all face-to-face Masonic activity is suspended from from 12.01 a.m. on Thursday, 5 November 2020 until further notice.

Surrey Hills No 208
Meeting at Redhill
Degrees: t.b.a.

Runnymede No 191
Meeting at Surbiton
Degrees: t.b.a.

Kyngstun No 102
Meeting at Surbiton
Degrees: t.b.a.

Farnham No 235
Meeting at Farnham
Installation, Degrees: t.b.a.

Pride of Surrey No 128
Meeting at Sutton
Degrees: t.b.a.

Surrey No 64
Meeting at Croydon
Installation, Degrees: t.b.a.

Godalming No 185
Meeting at Godalming
Degrees: t.b.a.

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